1 John Quiz


  1. John's opening paragraph says that he proclaims what he has seen and heard. What is the message he heard?

  2. The author of this letter is not given, but it is acknowledged by most scholars to be John the apostle. John is the only New Testament writer, other than the apostle Paul, to use a specific word. Do you know which one?


  3. John lists those to whom he is writing. Name the three groups to whom he writes?

  4. John admonishes his readers not to love the world and enumerates three characteristics of the world that do not come from the Father. Which of the following is not mentioned?

    The lust of the flesh
    The lust of the eyes
    The love of money
    The pride of life
  5. John tells his readers that it is the last hour. He confirms this by the fact that

    persecutions have arisen against the brethren
    many antichrists have come
    the faith of many has grown weak
    he has been exiled to the isle of Patmos
  6. What will happen to believers when Christ is revealed?

  7. John gives the reason why Cain killed his brother Abel. Can you?

  8. John gives us the perfect example of what love is. What is his example?

  9. John points out that false prophets have gone into the world. How does he say we can "test the spirits"?

  10. In verse 4:8, John makes a well-known statement: "God is love." How does John say that God showed his love among us?

  11. According to John, what should we do since God loved us in that way?

  12. In verses 5:1-5 John gives us two fundamental doctrines that we must believe about Jesus. What are they?


  13. What is the victory that has overcome the world?

    our faith
    Christ's blood
    the sanctification of the Spirit
    our prayers
  14. John states that there are three that bear witness to Jesus Christ. Can you list them?


  15. According to John, what is the relationship between eternal life and God's Son?

  16. In the concluding verses of John's letter, he gives one of the most important statements on assurance found in the Bible. What is it?

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