1 Kings 12-22 Quiz


  1. Who owned the vineyard that Ahab wanted to buy?

  2. Where did Elijah confront the prophets of Baal and Asherah?

  3. Name the infamous wife of Ahab.

  4. Name the man whom Elijah was to anoint as prophet in his place.

  5. What king caused Israel to sin by building two gold calves?

  6. Name the prophet who predicted that there would be neither rain nor dew except at his word.

  7. Where was the final capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel located?

  8. What was the capital city of Syria?

  9. How long did the drought last in Israel?

  10. Where was the vineyard located that Ahab wanted to buy?

  11. Which godly king of Judah removed his grandmother from being queen mother because of the image of Asherah that she had made?

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