1 Peter Quiz


  1. Peter addresses his letter to Jewish believers of the dispersion now living in 5 different localities. Can you name two of them?

  2. Peter tells us of a future "living hope" which is the inheritance of believers. It has four characteristics. Give at least one.

  3. Trials comes to test and prove our faith, which is of great value. To what does Peter compare the value of our faith?

  4. Jesus is called "the chief cornerstone." Some have rejected him as the chief cornerstone, and to them Jesus is a "stone of stumbling" and "rock of offense." Peter quotes from two Old Testament books to make his point. Which ones?

    Isaiah and Psalms
    Psalms and Jeremiah
    Ecclesiastes and Isaiah
    Ecclesiastes and Jeremiah
  5. Those to whom Peter is writing have not stumbled. Four descriptions are given to them. One is "a chosen generation." Can you give one other?

  6. Insofar as the conduct of believers is related to daily living, Peter exhorts them to submit to governing authorities. The reason for this is threefold. First, it is the will of God. Second, it will put to silence the ignorant who accuse them of lawlessness. What is the third reason?

    Because they are under the Mosaic law.
    Because they are under the law of grace.
    Because they are bond servants of God.
    Because they are Roman citizens.
  7. Peter exhorts women to be adorned not merely in an outward way, but in an inward way. What is this inward beauty?

  8. Peter gives five characteristics one should develop in his attitude toward his Christian brethren. Give two of them.

  9. In chapter 4 verse 8, we read that "love will cover a multitude of sins." From which Old Testament book is this quotation taken?

  10. This letter of Peter's was sent to Jewish believers suffering persecution. By whom did he send it?


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