1 Samuel Quiz


  1. Who was David's father?

  2. How many times did David spare Saul's life when he could have killed him?

  3. Name Saul's son who loved David like his own soul.

  4. Who was Samuel's mother?

  5. What people were the main enemies of Israel in I Samuel?

  6. Who was Dagon?

  7. Where did Saul go to consult a medium?

  8. Name David's first wife. Whose daughter was she?

  9. How many sons did Jesse have?

  10. Who was chosen Israel's first king?

  11. Whom did Eli think was drunk when he saw her praying?

  12. Why did Israel want a king?

  13. Who was high priest when Samuel was born?

  14. Whom did David kill with a sling and stone?

  15. Why was Saul jealous of David?

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