1 Thessalonians Quiz

  1. Paul along with two others send their greetings to the church in Thessalonica. Who are the other two?

    Luke and Barnabas
    Barnabas and Timothy
    Timothy and Silas
    Silas and Luke
  2. Paul remembers three specific attributes of the Thessalonians. One is their work of faith. Can you give one other?

  3. The Thessalonians became followers of the Lord, in spite of much affliction. And so they became examples to others in every place, especially in

    Bithynia and Macedonia
    Macedonia and Achaia
    Achaia and Galatia
    Galatia and Phrygia
  4. Paul came to preach to those in Thessalonica after being spitefully treated in what city?

  5. Choose the statement that does not describe Paul and his companions.

    They labored and toiled so as not to be a burden.
    They exhorted the believers like a father does his own children.
    They refused to use flattering words.
    They were compelled to use harsh words.
  6. Paul, Silas, and Timothy had wanted to visit the Thessalonians many times but were not able. Why?

  7. What is Paul's hope, joy, or crown of rejoicing in regards to the Thessalonians?

  8. Who was sent to Thessalonica to encourage the believers?

  9. Paul has several admonitions for the Thessalonian believers. One is that they refrain from sexual immorality. Can you name one other?

  10. Paul gives some clarification concerning the Day of the Lord. What does he teach in respect to those believers who are already dead?

  11. When the Day of the Lord comes upon unbelievers as a thief in the night, why is it that the day will not overtake believers in the same fashion?

  12. Paul gives some final instructions in regards to the Christian's behavior. There are more than a dozen. One is to warn those who are unruly. Can you give at least three more?

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