2 Samuel Quiz

Not So Easy

  1. Name three of David's six sons who were born at Hebron.

  2. Who was Mephibosheth?

  3. How old was David when he began to reign and how long did he reign?

  4. Abner left Ishbosheth and joined forces with David. Why?

  5. When David learned that Bathsheba was pregnant, what arrangements did he make with Uriah and Joab to hide the fact that the child was his?

  6. Why did Joab kill Abner?

  7. There were two high priests during David's reign. Name them.

  8. Name Absalom's sister whom Amnon loved.

  9. As the ark came into Jerusalem, Michal saw David joyfully dancing. She rebuked him for this behavior, but Yahweh punished her for it. How?

  10. The Davidic Covenant is a highly important passage in 2 Samuel. Where is it found?

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