2 Thessalonians Quiz

  1. The Thessalonians were in error on a major doctrine of Paul's teaching, and this is the central feature of his letter. What error needed correcting?

    That there is no resurrection of the body.
    That the Day of the Lord had already arrived.
    That Gentiles must be circumcised.
    That men are justified by their works.
  2. What is it that Paul esteems worthy of the kingdom of God?

  3. What two signs did Paul give the Thessalonians by which they would know for certain that the Day of the Lord had arrived?

  4. The man of sin will exalt himself as God. Where will he sit so that all men may worship him?

  5. Why will men worship him?

    Because God will send them strong delusion to believe a lie.
    Because they will be forced to, against their will, by tortuous means.
    Because they will endeavor to save their lives by pretending loyalty.
    Because, after careful study, they are convinced he is God.
  6. In view of these terrible times to come, what is Paul's exhortation to his readers?

  7. Paul gives a final admonition that is most applicable to us today. What is it?

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