Acts Quiz

Downright Hard

  1. Name the sorcerer who was baptized by Philip.

  2. Two men were proposed to take the place of Judas Iscariot. Give their names, the one actually chosen, and the means used to make the choice.

  3. In Acts chapter 15 we read of the convening of the Jerusalem Council. What was the reason for their meeting at this time?

  4. What four restrictions did the Jerusalem Council feel necessary for Gentile believers to observe?

  5. Name two places where Paul, Silas, and Timothy were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word.

  6. Why did Paul circumcise Timothy?

  7. Who was the Queen of the Ethiopians?

  8. In Stephen's defense before the high priest, he gives us insight as to why Moses defended and avenged the Hebrew who was being oppressed by an Egyptian. Why did Moses strike down the Egyptian?

  9. How old was the man who was lame from birth when he was healed through the ministry of Peter and John in Acts chapter 3?

    Under the age of 20
    About 25
    About 35
    Over 40
  10. Describe Peter's vision that prepared him for his visit to Cornelius.

  11. Five men are named as teachers and prophets in the church at Antioch. Give the names of three of them.

  12. Name the prophet who came from Jerusalem to Antioch and predicted a great famine.

  13. Can you give the name of King Herod's personal aid?

  14. What does "Akel Dama" mean?

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