Colossians Quiz


  1. This epistle of Paul to the Colossians was also to be read in one other church. Which one?

  2. The church at Colossae was not founded by Paul. In fact, Paul was unknown personally to many of them. Name the "faithful minister of Christ" who labored there.

  3. Paul spoke of a mystery which had been hidden from ages and generations past but had now been revealed. What was this mystery?

  4. What is it that Paul tells us was "nailed to the cross"?

  5. The Colossians were not to let any man judge them in regards to food and drink, feast days, new moons, or sabbaths. Why?

  6. Paul exhorts his readers not to subject themselves to worldly regulations, of which he gives three examples: "Do not touch, do not taste, do not handle." Why are we free from such regulations?

  7. Since we have been raised with Christ, Paul gives us three things to do. Name one.

  8. In regards to the Christian home, Paul gives godly instruction to six groups of people. The first three are wives, husbands, and children. What are the last three?

  9. By whom does Paul send this letter to the church at Colossae?

    Justus and Tychicus
    Aristarchus and Archippus
    Tychicus and Onesimus
    Onesimus and Aristarchus
  10. Paul writes this letter from prison. He mentions one "fellow prisoner." Who is he?

    John Mark

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