Daniel Quiz


  1. During the reign of which king of Judah did Nebuchadnezzer plunder, but not destroy, the temple?

  2. Four Jewish youths were trained for King Nebuchadnezzer's service. Give their Hebrew names.

  3. These four youths were given Babylonian names. What were they?

  4. King Nebuchadnezzer had two dreams that Daniel interpreted. Give the central feature in each one.

  5. Who was the king, and in what kingdom did he reign, who saw the handwriting on the wall?

  6. What was Daniel's position during the early reign of Darius?

  7. God saved Daniel from the den of lions, for which Darius was extremely grateful. What two things does Darius do in response?

  8. Daniel had a vision during the third year of Belshazzar. Two animals were central in this vision. Describe them.

  9. Who interpreted Daniel's vision of the ram and goat?

  10. The prophecy of the end time concerns Daniel's people, the Jews. Who is it who will stand up at that time and watch over them?

  11. Why were Shadrach, Meshech, and Abed-nego sentenced to die by being thrown into the fiery furnace?

  12. When Nebuchadnezzer looked into the furnace, how many men did he see?

  13. Whom did Nebuchadnezzer appoint to kill all the wise men, and what was his position in the kingdom?

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