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Timothy Dwight


Author Unknown

Theologian, Author, President of Yale College

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A great incentive to godly living is reading biographies of influential Christians. Timothy Dwight was certainly that. Although the vast majority of us will not attain to his stature, we can, by the grace of God, endeavor with godly zeal to do so.

This short biography of Timothy Dwight, the eighth president of Yale College, is by an unknown author. The title page information is as follows:

Incidents in the Life of President Dwight, Illustrative of his Moral and Religious Character: Designed for Young Persons, New-Haven: A. H. Maltby, 1831.

Preface and Introduction

A man in whom greatness and goodness were combined.

Chapter 1

His early life and entrance into Yale College.

Chapter 2

His conversion, position of chaplain in the Continental Army, and return home after the death of his father.

Chapter 3

His preaching career and the establishment of Geenfield Academy.

Chapter 4

Appointment to the Presidency of Yale College.

Chapter 5

The moral and religious state of Yale College; the death of Timothy Dwight.

Chapter 6

Instructions for the young from the life of Timothy Dwight.

Chapter 7

Final remarks concerning his godly character.
The Revival of 1807-1808.

Chapter 8

Extracts from his sermon,
"The Youth of Nain."

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