Ephesians Quiz


  1. According to Paul, when did God choose us to be holy and blameless in his sight?

    Before the creation of the world
    At the time Adam was created
    At the fall of Adam into sin
    At the time each of us believed the gospel
  2. How was redemption for us accomplished?

  3. According to Paul, on what basis did God save us?

  4. What is the seal with which God marked us as a guarantee of our inheritance?

    Water baptism
    Church membership
    The Holy Spirit
    A covenant agreement
  5. What is the paramount example of God's power to which Paul draws the attention of the Ephesians?

    The creation
    The exodus of Israel from Egypt
    Jesus' experience in the transfiguration
    The resurrection of Jesus
  6. How many "ages" does Paul mention?

  7. How does Paul describe us before we were saved?

    Dead in trespasses and sins
    Extreme sinners
    Waiting anxiously to hear how sinners can be forgiven
  8. What was our original condition and what did God do for us in that condition?

  9. Where do works fit into our salvation?

  10. In the last part of chapter 2, Paul gives four metaphors for the church. Can you name two?

  11. For whose sake did Paul claim to be imprisoned?

    The Jews
    The Gentiles
    Both Jews and Gentiles
    The Twelve Apostles
  12. What is Paul's description of "the mystery"?

  13. To encourage his readers, what does Paul say God can do for us?

  14. In the context of discussing the unity of believers, Paul gives a list of seven features of this unity, of which there is but "one" of each. The first is "one body." Can you name three of the remaining six?

  15. What are the four "gifts" that Christ gave to the church?

  16. What was the purpose of the gifts mentioned in question 15?

    To evangelize the world
    To establish local churches
    To performs works of charity and goodwill
    To prepare God's people for works of service to build up the body of Christ
  17. In referring to unbelieving Gentiles, what does Paul say is the result of their separation from God?

  18. What is the result if Gentile believers live according to any of their old ways?

  19. What does Paul urge as the alternative to being drunk on wine?

    Drinking grape juice instead of wine
    Drinking only water
    Being filled with the Spirit
    Speaking in tongues
  20. Paul gives several specific admonitions to Christians in their various roles in society. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

    Wives submit to your husbands.
    Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church.
    Fathers do not provoke your children to anger.
    Slaves seek freedom from your masters.
  21. Against whom does Paul say we "wrestle"?

    Earthly rulers
    Spiritual forces
    Unbelieving Gentiles
    Jewish leaders
  22. In the "armor" metaphor against evil, what does the shield represent?

  23. Paul writes the Ephesian letter while in "chains" (a prisoner of Rome). How does he refer to himself in that state?

    An ambassador
    A king
    An apostle
    A pastor

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