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Downright Hard

BACKGROUND NOTE: In Ezra, two returns of the Jews from Babylon during the time of the Persian kingdom were recorded. The first was led by Zerubbabel (to rebuild the temple), and the second was led by Ezra (to rebuild the spiritual condition of the people). Sandwiched between these two returns was a gap of nearly sixty years during which Esther lived and ruled as queen in Persia.

  1. Name the two eunuchs who plotted to kill the king.

  2. Haman was promoted above all the princes in the Persian Court. The king commanded that all his servants bow before Haman and pay him homage. Mordecai refused to do so. As a result, what did Haman plan for revenge?

  3. Who was Haman's wife, and what advice did she give him when he complained of Mordecai's disrespectful behavior?

  4. Virgins were gathered a second time at the palace (to fulfill the prevailing custom of polygamy). While Mordecai sat within the king's gate, he learned of a plot by two of the king's eunuchs to assassinate the king. To whom did Mordecai tell the plot and what happened?

  5. When King Xerxes couldn't fall asleep, he commanded that the chronicles of his reign be brought and read to him. It was found therein that Mordecai had not received any honor for his part in discovering the plot against the king's life by Bigthan and Teresh. Learning that Haman had just entered the palace, the king calls for him and asks Haman what should be done for a man whom the king wished to honor. Describe briefly what follows.

  6. Briefly describe King Xerxes' first decree at the urging of Haman.

  7. How was the day determined on which the Jews should be destroyed?

  8. When Esther receives word of the king's decree, she and her maids fast, as do Mordecai and the Jews in Susa. How long was this fast?

  9. The king and Haman attend Esther's second banquet. What is Esther's request?

  10. Give the essence of King Xerxes' second decree, written by Mordecai himself.

  11. What happened to Haman?

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