Esther Quiz

Not So Easy

BACKGROUND NOTE: In Ezra, two returns of the Jews from Babylon during the time of the Persian kingdom were recorded. The first was led by Zerubbabel (to rebuild the temple), and the second was led by Ezra (to rebuild the spiritual condition of the people). Sandwiched between these two returns was a gap of nearly sixty years during which Esther lived and ruled as queen in Persia.

  1. Where was the palace of the king located?

  2. Give the name of the man who was determined to see the Jews destroyed. What was his nationality?

  3. Name the reigning king of Persia when Esther became queen.

  4. What was the law of the Medes and Persians regarding king's decrees?

  5. Who was the queen who refused to come when called by the king?

  6. Give the name of Esther's uncle who sat within the gate of the palace.

  7. Beautiful young virgins were brought to Hegai, the custodian of women, at the palace. One of them would be chosen to become queen. How many months passed by before each had her turn to be presented to the king?

  8. A yearly feast was ordained to celebrate the victory of the Jews over their enemies. What is that feast called and what does the name signify?

  9. Esther invited the king and Haman to a banquet. At the banquet, the king invited Esther to make a request. What was her response?

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