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Matthew Twenty-Four and the Revelation

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From 1893 to 1929 Henry W. Frost, a Canadian, was the first Home Director for North America of the China Inland Mission (now Overseas Missionary Fellowship), founded by Hudson Taylor in 1865. John J. Scruby in The Great Tribulation: The Church's Supreme Test cites this book by Frost with great enthusiasm:

There came into my hands a copy of a book by Henry W. Frost, then the Home Director of the China Inland Mission. It was entitled "Matthew 24 and The Revelation", a volume of over 300 pages. I fairly devoured it. Portions of it I read twice. It was most conclusive in its arguments for a post-tribulation Rapture.

We have been blessed, by God's providence, to finally procure a copy of Henry Frost's book. Here is a book that should be a part of every Christian's library. However, since it is nigh impossible to find a copy of it, we are reproducing it here. We believe you will find it not only well-written and scholarly, but enlightening. For example, do you still wonder who "the fig-tree generation" is (Matt. 24:34)? Dr. Frost's answer in Part I of the book on Matthew 24 may be one completely new to you, as it was to us. (For an alternative view, see my paper, "The Structure of the Olivet Discourse".)

In addition to Matthew Twenty-Four and the Revelation, Frost also wrote Miraculous Healing: Why Does God Heal Some and Not Others? (1931). There is also a biographical work on Frost by Howard and Geraldine Taylor, By Faith: Henry W. Frost and the China Inland Mission (1938).

We have reproduced here the first edition of the book, Matthew Twenty-Four and the Revelation (New York: Oxford University Press, 1924), by Henry W. Frost. According to Frost's own forward, the book "is divided into two parts. One concerns the twenty-fourth chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew, and the other, the book of the Revelation. Each of these parts is divided into three portions: first, The Analysis; second, the Literal Translation; and third, the Exposition."

After reading Frost, Carol has added numerous insights from him to her paper on the Book of Revelation, which can be accessed from this page.

Part I: Matthew 24

Analysis (Outline), Translation, and Exposition of Matthew 24

Part II: Revelation

Analysis (Outline) and Translation

Part II: Revelation: Exposition §1

Paragraphs 1-40

Part II: Revelation: Exposition §2

Paragraphs 41-77

Part II: Revelation: Exposition §3

Paragraphs 78-109

Part II: Revelation: Exposition §4

Paragraphs 110-135

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