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John Calvin

Excerpt on the Genealogies of Matthew and Luke

From Volume XVI, Harmony of the Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, and Luke, in the Baker edition of Calvin's Commentaries in 22 volumes.

J. Gresham Machen

Excerpt on the Genealogies of Matthew and Luke

From The Virgin Birth of Christ (1930)

Kenneth J. Morgan

"Write This Man Childless!"
The Crisis in the Davidic Dynasty and the Genealogies of Jesus

Original Paper
For all the papers written by us, see this page.

William Henry Green

"Primeval Chronology"

A paper published in Bibliotheca Sacra, April, 1890, and reprinted in Classical Evangelical Essays, edited by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (1972)

Olaf Moe

of the Apostle Paul"

An excerpt from the Introduction to The Apostle Paul: His Life and His Work (1923); English version translated by L. A. Vigness and published by Augsburg Publishing House, 1950

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