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The Grammar of Prophecy

Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

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Robert Baker Girdlestone (1836-1923) was head of the translation department of the British and Foreign Bible Society, principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and minister of St. John's Downshire Hall, Hampstead. His best-known work was Synonyms of the Old Testament, which is still in print. The Grammar of Prophecy: A Systematic Guide to Biblical Prophecy was published in 1901 and is currently out of print.

This short work is a classic study on interpreting biblical prophecy and is highly recommended.

Hermeneutics is the branch of theological study that deals with the principles of interpretation. Girdlestone's book, The Grammar of Prophecy, is essentially a study of that branch of hermeneutics that deals with the interpretation of biblical prophecy. It addresses the prophetic forms of thought, prophetic formulas, and the New Testament use of Old Testament prophecy. It also addresses such specific subjects as the promises to Abraham and David, Israel's future, the Antichrist, and the millennium. Girdlestone is premillennial in his conclusions.

Part 1

Preface, Table of Contents, and Chapters 1-5

Part 2

Chapters 6-11

Part 3

Chapters 12-16

Part 4

Chapters 17-21 and Important Dates

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