Jeremiah Quiz


  1. Jeremiah predicted that all of Judah would fall into the hands of their enemy. They would be carried away as captives and the land plundered of its wealth and produce. Who was this enemy?

  2. Who was Baruch?

  3. We read of a number of signs (or symbols) which Jeremiah gave to the people. Can you name one?

  4. What did Jeremiah advise King Zedekiah to do when Nebuchadnezzer and his army came to wage war?

    To defend the city at all costs.
    To call upon Egypt for assistance.
    To surrender.
    To rely upon Yahweh for a miraculous victory.
  5. Who destroyed Jeremiah's scroll and how did he do it?

  6. In what chapter of Jeremiah do we find 'The New Covenant' recorded? What is it?

  7. Jeremiah predicted the number of years Judah would be desolate and the Jews captive in Babylon. How long would the captivity last?

  8. Name the two men whom Yahweh hid from the wrath of King Zedekiah.

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