Jeremiah Quiz

Not So Easy

  1. After destroying Jerusalem and the temple, whom does Nebuchadnezzer appoint as governor over the land of Judah?

  2. Name the captain of the guard under Nebuchadnezzer.

  3. A remnant of Jews defiantly fled the land of Judah, taking Jeremiah with them. Where did they go?

  4. How many deportations of Jews to Babylon were there?

  5. Name the king of Judah who was taken captive to Riblah where he saw his own sons killed before his eyes.

  6. Jeremiah urges King Zedekiah to surrender to Nebuchadnezzer. However, Zedekiah fears that if he does, those Jews who had already defected to the Chaldeans would hand him over to the Chaldeans as a prisoner. Jeremiah assures him that it would not be so, but if Zedekiah refuses to surrender, he will be taken captive and Jerusalem burned. In Zedekiah's 11th year, the gates of Jerusalem are breached by the Chaldeans. What does Zedekiah do?

    He surrenders according to the advice of Jeremiah.
    He commits suicide within his palace.
    He flees but is killed on the plains of Jericho.
    He flees but is captured by the Chaldean army.
  7. Name the king of Judah whom Evil-Merodach, king of Babylon, released from prison in 561 B.C. after a 37-year imprisonment.

  8. The Messianic prophecy of 'The Righteous Branch' is recorded in what chapter of Jeremiah?"

  9. Jeremiah was called by Yahweh in the year 627 B.C. and prophesied until the fall of Judah. Name two of the five kings who ruled during that period.

  10. Chapters 2 through 20 is in essence a digest of Jeremiah's preaching in the days of King Josiah, whereby he endeavors to develop the external return to the legal temple worship into an inward conversion to the living God. In chapter 18 of this section, we have recorded Jeremiah's visit to the potter. Give a brief description of what Jeremiah saw and learned.

  11. The 'Seventy Years of Desolation' prophecy is found in Jeremiah chapter 25. Briefly give its details.

  12. Jeremiah sends several letters to the exiles in Babylon. What does he instruct them to do?

  13. Nebuchadnezzer's initial siege of Jerusalem was temporarily stayed when the army of Egypt approached. Jeremiah took this opportunity to leave the city for the land of Benjamin in order to redeem some property. However, he was seized by the Jews and thrown into prison on the false pretense that he was defecting to the Chaldeans. After many days, Zedekiah called for Jeremiah, and Jeremiah made a prediction concerning Zedekiah. What was it?

  14. Why did Jeremiah go to Anathoth in the land of Benjamin to redeem some family land?

  15. Several princes of Judah had taken offense at Jeremiah for telling the people that any who remained in the city would die by sword, famine, or pestilence, whereas those who would surrender to the Chaldeans would live. They approached King Zedekiah asking that Jeremiah be put to death. Zedekiah refuses but turns Jeremiah over to them. What means did they use in hopes of bringing about his death?

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