Joel Quiz


  1. It is not explicitly stated whether Joel prophesied to the northern kingdom of Israel or the southern kingdom of Judah. However, there are some pretty strong clues throughout the book that it was Judah. Can you find them?

  2. Give the name of Joel's father.

  3. A natural disaster, ordered by God, ravaged "the land". What was this disaster?

    A drought.
    A hailstorm.
    A pestilence.
    A locust plague.
  4. Joel uses three related metaphors to describe the horde of locusts. Can you find them in the book?

  5. "The Day of the Lord" (literally, "the Day of Yahweh") appears in Joel with reference to two distinct events. What are they?

  6. In response to the natural disaster of the locust plague, Joel calls on the people to repent and turn to Yahweh their God. He describes Yahweh as gracious and merciful. Can you give one other description?

  7. Did the people repent?

  8. A singularly important prophecy is given in Joel 2:28-32. What three events were to occur when the Spirit was poured out "on all flesh"?


  9. At the time of the climactic Day of the Lord, God will gather all the nations for judgment. Where will they be gathered?

    In the valley of Jehoshaphat.
    In the valley of Jezreel.
    In the valley of Megiddo.
    In the Kidron valley.
  10. Why will the nations be judged?

  11. The text of Isaiah 2:4 is carved onto the United Nations building: "They will hammer their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks" (see also Micah 4:3). How is this phrased in Joel?

  12. After the nations are judged, what is the final promise Yahweh makes to Judah in Joel?

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