Jonah Quiz


  1. Who was Jonah's father?

  2. Where was Jonah commanded to go and preach?

  3. Jonah found a ship going to Tarshish. In which seaport did he find this ship?

  4. Give the reason why Jonah refused to go and preach a message of judgment against Nineveh.

    Nineveh was an extremely wicked city, and he feared persecution.
    He feared his message would be ignored and Nineveh perish.
    He felt himself inadequate for so great a mission.
    He knew God was merciful and would spare Nineveh if they repented.
  5. How did the sailors know that Jonah was the cause of the storm and its attending peril?

  6. How long was Jonah in the belly of the fish?

  7. What was the message Jonah preached when he finally arrived in Nineveh?

  8. How did the king of Nineveh respond to Jonah's message?

  9. Jonah was angry that God had spared such a wicked city as Nineveh, so he went to the outskirts of the city to sit and sulk. God prepared a plant to grow up and provide shade for Jonah. What happened to the plant?

  10. The plant served as an object lesson to Jonah. Can you give its significance?

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