Joshua Quiz


  1. For how many days was the army of Israel to march around the perimeter of Jericho?

  2. Israel suffered defeat in the very next battle after Jericho. Before whom were they humiliated?

  3. What food source ceased once Israel crossed into the land of Canaan?

  4. What river did the Israelites need to cross to attack Jericho?

  5. Name the woman who hid the two men who were sent to spy out the land, especially Jericho.

  6. Describe Achan's sin.

  7. Who was the successor of Moses and led Israel's army in taking possession of the promised land?

  8. Where did the Israelites maintain their camp after crossing the Jordan?

  9. How many cities of refuge were there to be?

  10. What great choice did Joshua lay before Israel in his final address to the nation?

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