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Martin Luther, more than any other man, is associated with the great Protestant Reformation. There were stirrings about a hundred years earlier with John Wycliffe (c. 1320-1384) and John Huss (c. 1372-1415), but without Luther, there would have been no reformation.

Ask yourself this question: "When did the reformation of the church begin?" This short biography of Martin Luther will give you the answer. We owe so much to this man who took a stand against the Pope and brought the written Word to the common people. Mr. Polack's biography of Martin Luther will not fail to satisfy those who wish to learn more about the man who was wanted by the Roman Catholic Church "dead or alive."

This short book, first published in 1931, gives an interesting and well-written account of the life and work of Martin Luther. The author, W. G. Polack, is himself a Lutheran.

The Story of Luther

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We have also included several excerpts from some of Luther's sermons published in Luther's Epistle Sermons, Advent and Christmas Season, Vol. I, (The Luther Press: Minneapolis, Minn., 1908).

Sermon Excerpts

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