Gospel of Luke

Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

Donald G. Miller

The Layman's Bible Commentary Series

Why Read This Book




The editors of the Layman's Bible Commentary make the following statement in their preface to the series:

In our age knowledge of the Bible is perilously low.

That was written in 1959. I think the state of affairs is much worse today. At least back in those years one could find commentaries and books on theology in Bible bookstores. Today they have almost disappeared from the shelves to be replaced by massive amounts of Christian fiction, self-help books, and other Christian fluff.

It is the purpose of this Web site to present as much solid, deep, biblical and theological study material as we can. This book makes a good contribution.

This commentary on Luke is volume 18 in The Layman's Bible Commentary, edited by Balmer H. Kelly (Richmond, VA: John Knox Press, 1959).

Miller's commentary is non-technical in that it does not explicitly cite the Greek text. However, it is very well-written, and we feel that the author incorporated an extraordinary number of practical insights to the text of Luke and the events in the life of Jesus.

We offer only one caution. At one point in the commentary, Dr. Miller refers to "Second Isaiah" when citing a passage from the Book of Isaiah. The vast majority of conservative scholars argue vehemently for the unity of Isaiah and that the entire book is the product of the eighth-century prophet. For a detailed defense of this position, see for example Gleason L. Archer, Jr., A Survey of Old Testament Introduction (Chicago: Moody Press, 1974), pp. 326-351.

Introduction to Luke

Discusses the nature and purpose of the gospel, its distinguishing characteristics, and its author and date.


Luke's Preface: 1:1-4

Part 1

The Coming of Messiah: Fulfillment of Promise: 1:5-2:40

Part 2

The Nature of Jesus' Messiahship: The Suffering Servant: 2:41-4:30

Part 3

Messiah Works in Galilee: Response to the Servant: 4:31-9:50

Part 4

Messiah Moves Toward Jerusalem: The Kingdom of the Servant: 9:51-19:27

Part 5

Messiah Manifests Himself at Jerusalem: Death and Resurrection of the Servant: 19:28-24:53

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