Nahum Quiz


  1. The judgment predicted in the book of Nahum is directed solely against one city. Can you name it?

  2. The prophets often quote from the Penteteuch (the books of Moses, Genesis-Deuteronomy). Nahum in verse 1:3 quotes from a particularly important passage in the book of Exodus: Yahweh appears to Moses in one of the greatest theophanies in all the Old Testament. Where in Exodus is this passage?

  3. This wicked city was the capital of what empire?

  4. Under the prophetic ministry of Jonah, Nineveh had repented. Now, a hundred years later, their wickedness was so great that judgment would no longer be delayed. It would be total destruction. Nahum tells us how those who hear of it will respond.

    They will repent of their own sins.
    They will come with compassion to aid the survivors.
    They will sorrow over the demise of so great a nation.
    They will clap their hands in joy.
  5. Why will the people react in this way?


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