Nehemiah Quiz

Downright Hard

BACKGROUND NOTE: Ezra related the story of two returns from Babylon--the first led by Zerubbabel and the second under the leadership of Ezra. Nehemiah, contemporary of Ezra, leads the third and final return to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile.

  1. Who was the keeper of the king's forest who provided Nehemiah with timber?

  2. Name the high priest at the time of Nehemiah's arrival in Jerusalem.

  3. Name the Jewish traitor who helped Sanballat, Tobiah, and Gesham in their effort to bring reproach upon Nehemiah.

  4. There was great opposition to the rebuilding of the walls from the people then living in the land. When Nehemiah learned of their plot to attack Jerusalem and create confusion, he took precautions. Briefly describe them.

  5. When the workers heard the sound of the trumpet, what were they to do?

  6. Nehemiah learned that many of the Jews were in great financial straits. They had mortgaged their land, vineyards, and houses in order to buy food. They had also borrowed money to pay the king's tax. Now there was a great outcry among these people. At whom was it directed, and how did Nehemiah help?

  7. Once Nehemiah got the people rebuilding the walls, how long did it take to finish the job?

  8. Jerusalem was large and spacious, but few lived within the city. Nehemiah wished to increase this population. What method did he use to do so?

  9. Sanballat, Tobiah, and Gesham plotted to harm Nehemiah by casting suspicion on his character. Briefly describe their plan and Nehemiah's reaction.

  10. With the walls completed and the gates hung, Nehemiah relinquished oversight of Jerusalem to two men. Name them.

  11. As he had agreed to do, Nehemiah returned to King Artaxerxes for a period of time. When he once again came to Jerusalem, he found that Eliashib the priest had taken one of the large storerooms of the House of the Lord and emptied it so that Tobiah the Ammonite could live there. Nehemiah immediately evicted Tobiah, threw his possessions out, and cleansed the room. This was in accordance with the words of Moses, that no Ammonite or Moabite should ever come into the assembly of God. What was the reason behind this prohibition?

  12. During Nehemiah's absence, a number of provisions of the covenant with Yahweh were broken. Can you name one?

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