Nehemiah Quiz

Not So Easy

BACKGROUND NOTE: Ezra related the story of two returns from Babylon--the first led by Zerubbabel and the second under the leadership of Ezra. Nehemiah, contemporary of Ezra, leads the third and final return to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile.

  1. Nehemiah was opposed by three men when he started rebuilding the walls. Give the name of one of them.

  2. Name the king to whom Nehemiah made his request to return to Jerusalem.

  3. The Jews were to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, which hadn't been kept since the days of Joshua the son of Nun. What was the first thing that needed to be done?

  4. In Chapter nine of Nehemiah, the Levites give a wonderful recap of the Jewish nation. It begins with the call of Abraham and ends with the return of the people from Babylon. God's great mercy is declared throughout, and in a spirit of thankfulness and humility the people make a covenant and seal it. Name one promise of this covenant.

  5. After the wall was completed and the people had settled in their cities, they were gathered at Jerusalem to hear the reading of the Book of the Law. They stood from morning until midday while the priest read from a platform. Who was the priest who did the reading?

  6. In rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, the gates also needed to be repaired. We read of at least twelve gates in the book of Nehemiah, all having a specified name. Name three.

  7. What position did Nehemiah hold in the Persian court?

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