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If you are not familiar with the issues to which reference is made by the phrase "Old Testament ethics," we recommend you start by reading the first paper in the table below.



Nature of Our Reprint

Kenneth J. Morgan

"Issues in Old Testament Ethics"

Original paper. What are the issues in Old Testament ethics? This brief paper gives an overview of the issues and summarizes the various approaches taken by Christian scholars in solving these problems. A brief introduction to the papers presented in this table and a short annotated bibliography are also included.

William Brenton Greene, Jr.

"The Ethics of the Old Testament"

Original source: Princeton Theological Review, XXVIII (1929), pp. 316-66; reprinted in Classical Evangelical Essays in Old Testament Interpretation (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1972), pp. 207-235. This paper addresses most of the objections to Old Testament ethics.

Graham Gilmer

"Did the Lord Instruct Samuel to Lie?"

Journal article from Bibliotheca Sacra 96 (Jul-Sep 1939):341-43. Gilmer gives one of the best explanations of this particular problem.

John Murray

"The Sanctity of Truth"

Here is another approach to the Lord's instruction to Samuel. It is taken from Chapter VI, "The Sanctity of Truth," in John Murray, Principles of Conduct (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1957), pp. 139-41.

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