Philippians Quiz


  1. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul sends his greetings together with those of one other. Who?

  2. Paul has three things in particular for which he prays in regards to the Philippian believers. One is that their love may abound in knowledge and discernment. Can you give one other?

  3. Paul had two conflicting desires within him. What were they?

  4. A lack of unity between believers was a problem in the Philippian church. Paul exhorts them to humility by instructing them to esteem their Christian brethren as better than themselves. Christ is the perfect example of humility. How did he humble himself?

  5. How are we to work out our salvation?

  6. Paul sent this letter to the Philippian church by a Christian brother who had come close to death in ministering to his needs. Who was this man?

  7. Where is the Christian's citizenship?

  8. Two women in the Philippian church were not "of the same mind." One was Syntyche. Who was the other?

  9. Paul exhorts us not to be anxious but to pray to God with thanksgiving. What will be the result if we do so?

  10. By whom did the Philippian church send their most recent aid to Paul?

  11. Forgetting the things behind him and reaching forward to the things ahead, Paul presses toward a certain goal. What is it?

  12. Paul gives us six examples of things on which we should meditate. One is, things that are true. Give another example.

  13. Paul wrote this letter from prison, and therefore he especially includes greetings from the saints of whose household?

    The household of Cornelius.
    The household of Caesar.
    The household of Herod.
    The household of Felix.

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