Proverbs 14:25

An Exposition of the Book of Proverbs
Charles Bridges

"A true witness delivers souls,
but a deceitful witness speaks lies."

How weighty is the responsibility of testimony! Every Christian has in him a principle of conscientious faithfulness. As a true witness, he would deliver the innocent from oppression or ruin. But an ungodly man would prove a deceitful witness, the agent of Satan, speaking lies for his neighbor's destruction.

What need have we to "walk before God" in our words, ready to hazard all for the interests of truth--considering our obligations to one another, "mindful of that true and faithful witness that every man carries in his own bosom, which no gift can blind, no power can silence" (Bishop Horne), realizing our solemn appearing before the God of truth when "by our words we shall be justified or condemned" (Matt. 12:37).

If the responsibility be so great to the witness in court, how much more to the witness in the pulpit! Is the minister of God a true witness by the declaration of message, being assured that no other truth, no adulteration of this truth will deliver souls? Or is he speaking lies, holding back or denying truth to the ruin of the soul whom he was charged to deliver? "As they are the most profitable witnesses who preach to us Jesus Christ, even so the most exquisite deceivers are they who under the shadow of religion do set forth men's traditions," observes Cope.

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