Romans Quiz

Not So Easy

  1. The unrighteousness of men is clearly defined in chapter 1:29-31, where a lengthy list of sins is given. Can you name 8 examples out of the more than 20?

  2. Paul refers to the Gospel as "the power of God to everyone who believes." However, he goes on to state that within the Gospel there is a certain priority. What is it?

  3. Why was Abraham accounted righteous?

    Because he took his father with him when he left Ur of the Chaldees.
    Because he believed God.
    Because he sacrificed his son Isaac.
    Because Melchizadek blessed him.
  4. When is circumcision profitable?

  5. Which came first, Abraham's righteous standing before God or his circumcision?

  6. Paul speaks of our "old man," that is, our sinful nature. For those who are saved, what happened to it?

  7. What is the sequence leading up to glorification?

    Justification, regeneration, sanctification
    Calling, predestination, adoption
    Predestination, calling, justification
    Calling, regeneration, justification
  8. In addition to man, to what does redemption also extend?

  9. How did sin and death enter the world?

  10. Paul lists 7 things that cannot separate us from the love of Christ, and over which we are more than conquerors. Four are tribulation, distress, persecution, and famine. What are the other three?

  11. Paul gives a list of 7 gifts provided to the church. Name three.

  12. Chapter 13 of Romans is concerned with

    believers submitting to government.
    backsliders submitting to church discipline.
    slaves submitting to masters.
    churches submitting to apostolic authority.
  13. What is Paul's great metaphor in chapter 11?

    A vine
    A cedar tree
    A fig tree
    An olive tree
  14. Paul states that today only a remnant of Israel is saved (11:1-5). What is his conclusion about the future?

  15. Paul plans on visiting the Romans when he makes his trip to

  16. In contrasting strong faith and weak faith, Paul cites two examples of where Christians might differ. What are they?

  17. Paul asks that the Romans extend especial greetings to Priscilla and Aquillla. Why?

  18. Who was Paul's amanuensis for this letter?

  19. With whom was Paul staying when he wrote this letter?


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