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Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

J. C. Ryle

Notes on John Chapter 9

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Notes on 9:1-12

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Notes on 9:26-41

This entire chapter deals with the incident where Jesus gives sight to the man born blind. Why do you think Jesus used saliva to make a mixture of clay and then anointed the man's eyes with it?

The Pharisees had a difficult time with this miracle, even calling on the man's parents to confirm that he had indeed been born blind. In the exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees, he concludes with a rather strange statement: "If ye were blind, ye should have no sin; but now ye say, We see. Therefore your sin remains" (v. 41). What did Jesus mean by this?

These are the technical notes by J. C. Ryle that accompany his expository comments on John chapter 9.

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