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Edmund Shackleton

Will the Church Escape the Great Tribulation?

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Dr. Oswald J. Smith said, "The new pre-tribulation Rapture teaching was first proclaimed as a direct revelation by a woman in Edward Irving's church [in 1830], and then taken up by John Nelson Darby [1800-1882] (and the Scofield Reference Bible [first published in 1909]) in direct contradiction to the teaching of the Church for eighteen hundred years." This means that while a premillennial interpretation of Scripture can be found in the Apostolic Fathers, pretribulationism did not exist until the 1800s.

The coming of the antichrist and great tribulation could be fast approaching. Every Christian owes it to himself to be prepared for that event. The belief in a pretribulational rapture gives its adherents a false hope and will leave them completely unprepared. Hopefully this book by Edmund Shackleton--himself a former adherent of pretribulationism--will change that. Those who are undecided will find this book helpful in coming to a decision and making plans accordingly. For the rest of us who believe in the honor and privilege of suffering for our Lord, this book will give much encouragement.

This book by Edmund Shackleton, Will the Church Escape the Great Tribulation? 3rd ed. (Aylesbury: Hunt, Barnard & Co., n.d.) gives a critique of the arguments for a pre-tribulation rapture. Although, as he admits, some of the arguments given in support of a pretribulational rapture may seem rather trivial, he takes time to address all the arguments with which he is familiar. Unfortunately, the book is very difficult to find. We have made no changes of any kind in this retyping.

Part 1


Part 2

Preliminary Remarks

Part 3

Arguments for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Considered

Part 4

Scriptural Objections to the Doctrine of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Part 5

A Summary of Scriptures Bearing on the Subject, with Remarks

Part 6


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