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The Reality of the Resurrection

American Theologian (Wheaton College)

Merrill C. Tenney

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Dr. Tenney was Dean of the Graduate School at Wheaton College, a position he held from 1945-1971. He served as Professor of New Testament and Greek at Wheaton from 1943 to 1977.

A graduate of Nyack Missionary College, he received the Bachelor of Theology degree from Gordon College of Theology and Missions (1927), the Master of Arts degree from Boston University (1930), and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biblical and Patristic Greek from Harvard University (1944).

Other books by Dr. Tenney include John: The Gospel of Belief, Interpreting Revelation, New Testament Survey, and New Testament Times. He was also the general editor of the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary. In addition, he served on the original translation team for the New American Standard Bible.

The Apostles' Creed states the doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus quite simply: "On the third day he rose again." Thus Christianity historically believed that Jesus rose bodily from the dead and forty days later ascended into Heaven. However, the doctrine of the resurrection plays a far more central role in Christian theology than this simple statement suggests.

In his book, Dr. Tenney discusses:

  • Old Testament Predictions
  • The developing theology of the New Testament
  • The historical evidences of the resurrection
  • The relationship between the resurrection of Christ and the doctrines of God, salvation, and eschatology
  • The importance of the resurrection of Christ in the life of the believer
  • How the resurrection can give meaning and purpose to life today

If you would like additional incentive to read this interesting and important book, read Carol's review in our Book Reviews section. In the review she writes,

Our pastors teach much about the resurrection, for it is the basis of our salvation. But what about the other great doctrines of the faith? Do we even know what they are? Dr. Tenney points out that Christ's resurrection is fundamental to justification, sanctification, glorification, the priesthood of Christ, as well as eschatology. They reach their fullest development in the demonstration of the divine triumph over death.

Read what Christ's resurrection really means to you.

Table of Contents and Preface

Table of Contents and Preface

Chapter 1

The Relevance of the Resurrection

Chapter 2

Pre-Christian Concepts

Chapter 3

The Proclamation in the Acts and Gospels

Chapter 4

A Developing Theology

Chapter 5

An Emergent Creed

Chapter 6

The Historical Evidences

Chapter 7

The Theology of the Resurrection

Chapter 8

The Pattern of Experience

Chapter 9

The Resurrection Today

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