Titus Quiz


  1. Titus, like Timothy, is a pastor of a local congregation. It is located on which isle?

  2. Why did Paul leave Titus there?

  3. Paul gives some 15 qualifications for elders. Give at least five.

  4. Cretans were characterized by a proverb of that time. What was it?

  5. Paul gives Titus instructions on how to exhort those in the church. He includes older men, older women, young women, young men, and one other group. Can you name it?

  6. While believers live soberly, righteously, and godly, for what should they always be looking?

  7. Paul gives a description of what all believers were before they were saved. One is that we were foolish. Can you give two more?

  8. We were not saved by any works of righteousness of our own, but God saved us according to his mercy. How was this salvation accomplished?

  9. There are four things Titus is to avoid because they are unprofitable and useless. One is foolish disputes. Give one other.

  10. Paul is planning on sending either Artemis or Tychicus to Crete. Upon his arrival, Titus is to join Paul at his winter layover. Where is that?

  11. What is Zenas' occupation?

    stone mason
    public official

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