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The Hope of Christ's Second Coming

English Biblical Scholar and Theologian

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This is one of the classic works, originally published in 1864, against a view that was then called the "secret rapture of the church." It was written by a churchman and scholar well acquainted with the circumstances of this view's origin and early dissemination in the Nineteenth Century. Today the "secret rapture" view is called pretribulationism. It teaches that Jesus will remove the church from the earth before the Great Tribulation begins. Unfortunately, most who hold to premillennialism today accept this view. Historically, that was not the case. Read the answers that Tregelles gives against the arguments used, and still used, to support pretribulationism.

Samuel Prideaux Tregelles (1813-1875) was a Nineteenth Century scholar of the highest order. His works include, The Englishman's Greek Concordance, The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance, and an English translation of Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon. His book, The Hope of Christ's Second Coming, is short, and we here present the entire book. It discusses the origin of pretribulationism, answers its arguments, and presents the biblical teaching of the Second Advent of Christ from a premillennial standpoint.

Tregelles Part 1

General Material

Chapters 1-12

Tregelles Part 2

Tribulation Arguments Considered

Chapters 13-24

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