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Archbishop Richard Chenevix Trench


Studies in the Gospels

Anglican Theologian, Dean of Westminster Abbey, Archbishop of Dublin

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Richard Trench is recognized as an outstanding New Testament scholar and writer. He held several prestigious positions, including Dean of Westminster Abbey and Archbishop of Dublin.

He was also a noted philologist, and in 1857 presented a paper before the Philological Society, "On Some Deficiencies in our English Dictionaries," that was instrumental in launching the project that produced the great Oxford English Dictionary, to this day the definitive dictionary of the English language.

Perhaps his two best known works for biblical and theological studies are Synonyms of the New Testament (Greek synonyms, that is) and Notes on the Parables of Our Lord. This work, Studies in the Gospels, examines sixteen well-known and fascinating events in the life of Jesus, including his temptation, his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, his Transfiguration, his interaction with the penitent thief on the cross, together with the studies reprinted here. Trench considers the interpretation of these sixteen events to be difficult and has therefore selected them for detailed study.

We have reproduced these studies without change from the 1979 Baker Book House reprint of the 1874 edition by Macmillan & Co.

Chapter 4

"The Sons of Thunder"

Chapter 5

"Wisdom Justified of Her Children"

Chapter 8

"The Transfiguration"

Chapter 12

"The Unfinished Tower and the Deprecated War"

Chapter 13


Chapter 14

"The True Vine"

Chapter 15

"The Penitent Malefactor"

Chapter 16

"Christ and the Two Disciples on the Way to Emmaus"

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