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Theodor Zahn


Bread and Salt from the Word of God

In Sixteen Sermons

Lutheran New Testament Scholar (German)

Why Read This Book




Theodor Zahn was not only an outstanding theologian, but he was also a great preacher. We have reproduced here a very fine book of his sermons. We trust you will find much to feed your soul.

These sixteen sermons constitute the entirety of the book Bread and Salt from the Word of God by Theodor Zahn and translated by C. S. Burn and A. E. Burn (Edinburgh: T. & T. CLark, 1905). We have reproduced the enite book here without any changes.

Sermon 1

Christ's Temptation and Ours

Sermon 2

Calm After Storm

Sermon 3

Receive Not the Grace of God In Vain

Sermon 4

Death In Sin or Death In Grace

Sermon 5

For or Against Christ

Sermon 6

The Beauty of Praise

Sermon 7

Three Words from the Cross

Sermon 8

The Promise of Success

Sermon 9

Strangers and Pilgrims

Sermon 10

The Word of Truth

Sermon 11

Christ's Witnesses

Sermon 12

The Water of Life

Sermon 13

The Good Physician

Sermon 14

True Righteousness

Sermon 15

He Doeth All Things Well

Sermon 16

Freedom from Care

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