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BACKGROUND NOTE: This quiz is somewhat difficult, but remember these quizzes are designed to be learning experiences. Zechariah is one of the most important prophets. There are many important passages in Zechariah: Messianic prophecies, prophecies quoted in the New Testament, prophecies about the future of Israel, and passages that shed light on the nature of God. We hope you enjoy the quiz, and we hope it stimulates your interest in buying a good commentary on this great prophetic book.

  1. Give the name of Zechariah's father.

  2. Zechariah receives 8 different visions. The first was a vision of horses. Give one other.

  3. In the vision of Joshua the high priest, he is standing before the Angel of Yahweh. Who is standing at Joshua's right hand?

  4. Something very striking happens in the opening paragraph of chapter 3. Can you identify it? Hint: note carefully how God's name, Yahweh, is used.

  5. The vision of Joshua the high priest contains one of the Messianic passages in the Old Testament. What are Joshua and his companions called in this vision?

  6. In this Messianic passage (see previous question), there are three well-known titles of the Messiah that are used in other Old Testament texts. Can you pick them out?

  7. Like Haggai, Zechariah prophesied during the post-exilic period. We learn from his visions that mercy will come to Jerusalem and the temple shall be rebuilt. The name of the man who will rebuild the temple of Yahweh is given. What is it?

  8. Twice in the book of Zechariah we are told how long the Babylonian captivity lasted. How long?

    40 years.
    70 years.
    120 years.
    400 years.
  9. Judah was carried away by the Babylonians because of their obstinate disobedience. Zechariah gives four instances. Can you give one?

  10. In the future, Jerusalem will be a holy city. Yahweh tells the people four things they must do. One is to speak the truth to one's neighbor. Give one other.

  11. Another Messianic prophecy is found in Zechariah chapter 9, which is cited in the New Testament. What is it?

  12. In the prophecy of the shepherds (ch. 11), Yahweh takes two staffs in his hand. One he calls "Favor" and the other "Union." When he breaks the staff called Favor, it signifies breaking the covenant he made with the nations. What does it signify when he breaks the staff called Union?

  13. Chapter 12 contains another amazing Messianic prophecy. What will Yahweh do to the nations in the future?

  14. What is the Messianic prophecy given in connection with the attack of the nations and their destruction at the hand of Yahweh?

  15. In the coming deliverance of Judah, they will mourn for him whom they pierced. The mourning will be like that over Josiah when he died at Hadad Rimmon. Where was Hadad Rimmon located?

    In the plain of Megiddo.
    In the plain of Jezreel.
    In the valley of Jehoshaphat.
    On Mt. Horeb.
  16. All the families of the land will mourn, and Zechariah mentions four particular families. David, Nathan, and Levi are the first three. Give the name of the fourth.

  17. Zechariah mentions a natural disaster that occurred during the days of King Uzziah. What was it?

    A famine.
    A hailstorm.
    An earthquake.
    A locust plague.
  18. The day of Yahweh is coming when Christ shall destroy his enemies. On which mount will he stand at that time?

  19. Those left of the nations that came against Jerusalem will then come to worship the King, Yahweh of hosts, every year. Which of the following feasts will they keep?

    Feast of Tabernacles (Booths)
    Feast of Unleavened Bread
  20. Which verse is not recorded in the book of Zechariah?

    "He who touches you touches the apple of His eye."
    "Be silent, all flesh, before Yahweh, for he has roused himself from his holy dwelling!"
    "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says Yahweh of hosts."
    "Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision!"

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