Zephaniah Quiz


  1. In verse one is recorded a short genealogy of the prophet Zephaniah. Name the king of Judah listed in his family tree.

  2. Zephaniah prophesied to the southern kingdom of Judah during the reign of which king?

  3. What is the essence of Zephaniah's message?

  4. Zephaniah uses 5 short phrases to describe the Day of the LORD. One is, "a day of trouble and distress." Can you give one other?

  5. Judgment will come upon other nations also, Philistia being one. Four cities of Philistia in particular are mentioned. Name two.

  6. Judgment against Moab and Ammon will be perpetual destruction, like the destruction of what two cities of the past?

  7. Although judgment is determined for Judah, Zephaniah gives a prediction of future blessing. When will this occur?

    When the people choose to humble themselves.
    When Yahweh returns the captives before their eyes.
    When Nebuchadnezzar is deposed from the throne.
    When the priests restore purity to the sanctuary.

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