Life of Christ: A Book to Read to Children

Here is a wonderful book that parents can enjoy reading to their children. Written so that even young children can understand it, this book covers the entire life of Jesus, from birth to his ascension.

We know how kids today love being around the computer, and here is a way for them to do so with a parent by their side. Older children interested in the Bible may even find it fun to read to the younger ones! Too much time, sadly, is spent either playing games or looking at non-Christian videos. Why not give them the Bible story in their own “language”? This book will give even the youngest child the knowledge of Jesus and his redeeming work on Calvary. And what could possibly be a greater blessing than leading your own child to the Savior?

To access this book on Open Library, click here.

The Beautiful Life of Christ: The Complete Story of Christ’s Life on Earth by Charles Foster (Philadelphia: Charles Foster Publishing Co., 1889)