Recommended Books For Learning More About Bible

Classics, Both Old and New

Most of these books are in print and can be purchased new. Those out of print can almost always be purchased through a network of used book dealers such as is available from We expect to add more books; keep watching.

Charles Spurgeon, The Treasury of David, 3 Volumes

This is Spurgeon’s classic exposition of the Psalms. It is nigh impossible not to be uplifted in spirit when reading even one sermon of Spurgeon. He is a master of words, and his love for God is contagious. Imagine how uplifting it must be to read through his entire exposition of the Psalms! Be assured that his Treasury of David is the place to be when you’re feeling low.

Alfred Edersheim, Bible History: Old Testament

An older, though very comprehensive OT history.

Alfred Edersheim, The Temple

A comprehensive guide to Temple sacrifices and procedures during the time of Christ.

Leon Wood, A History of Israel

One of the best books ever written on OT History.

Charles F. Pfeiffer, Old Testament History

An excellent book.