About Us

Ken Morgan

B.S., Physics, Northern Illinois University (1969)
M.A., Old Testament Biblical Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1977)

Ken is a retired teacher. He now devotes himself full-time to theological research and writing as well as Webmaster duties for six different Web sites, including Rediscovering the Bible. He believes the Lord has called him into Jewish ministry and is a contributing writer and Webmaster for Ammi Ministry (ammiministry.org), an organization dedicated to presenting the Messiah of Israel to the Jewish people.

Carol Morgan

Carol is a homemaker who spends much of her time reading such tomes as Keil and Delitzsch, Matthew Henry, Poole, Calvin’s commentaries, and Spurgeon’s sermons. She also devotes considerable time to this Web site. Most of the quizzes were written by her, as well as the full-length “Daily Devotions from the Classics.” All the classic reprints were typed by Carol.