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As I understand the Internet, sites in the same general genre at times exchange links. This is to the advantage of both sites. Being found in links pages of other Web sites helps your own site get noticed by the search engines. Nevertheless, sites that exchange links do not necessarily endorse the content of each other. This is especially true of Bible and theology Web sites. The Web sites listed here are all Christian Web sites, though we may not be in complete theological agreement. I’m sure you’ll find helpful material on these sites, but keep in mind that the descriptive captions that accompany the links are supplied by that Web site and are not my comments.

Messiah Studies

Our sister Bible Web site, Messiah Studies is a ministry to Jewish people who wish to study the Messianic prophecies of the Tanakh. In depth papers are presented. There is also some Jewish music you can listen to, including HaTikvah, Hava Nagila, Jerusalem of Gold, and the Yigdal.

Good Clean Novels Logo

Good Clean Novels

You might enjoy another of our Web sites called Good Clean Novels. So far, we’ve posted three novels, two romance novels written by Ken and one novel (more eclectic) written by Carol. The Web site home page gives a brief description of each novel.

Ammi Ministry Logo

Ammi Ministry

Ammi Ministry, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, desires to bring Jewish people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through a variety of evangelistic activities. It seeks to communicate the Gospel in a creative way using Gospel literature and audio and visual media. Through these means it hopes to show facts and information about the Gospel that relate to the culture, history, and society of the Jewish people.

Messianic Literary Corner Logo

Messianic Literary Corner

The Messianic Literary Corner takes a strong stand for the “Gospel of Grace” and provides a defense for the teachings that are often ignored in the Messianic community. It also presents thought provoking Messianic prophecy studies and scientific/archeological support for Biblical events that are often regarded as myth.

Servants Place Logo

Servants Place

The website is designed to provide helpful suggestions for those who are looking for Christian resources.

J. C. Ryle Quotes

J. C. Ryle Quotes

Christ-Centered Quotes for the Renewing of Your Mind.

Romance Between the Lines Logo

Romance Between the Lines

Here romance is alive within the covenant of Christian marriage, plus FREE uplifting romance tips and downloadables. “Where Christ is in the marriage, romance can truly abound.”

Fred's Bible Talk Logo

Fred’s Bible Talk

An interesting Web site that contains many useful articles, Bible studies, and book reviews. Fred is an ardent premillenarian, and his site has a link to Dr. Culver’s book, Daniel and the Latter Days, posted on our Web site.

Connecting With Kids

“Connecting With Kids” is a blog by Debi Johnson. Who doesn’t like a good story? We were raised on them, whether books or those our folks told us as we were falling asleep. And what makes a story even better is when it has a happy ending. We all want that. But another great thing is when that story has a lesson to it. How many stories do you hear that, if you look hard enough, got their beginning from the Bible? Most good stories do, and that’s what this blog shares. Lessons and stories based on the Bible that kids any age can relate to and learn from. Stories of success and bravery and friendship. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute

Study online in your own time from your own home at the largest Hebraic Roots teaching institute globally. Various fields, excellent teachings, sound accreditation. We bring the University into your home.

Links to Other Useful Web Sites

Absolutely Organic Baby

“Create a Healthy Sleeping Environment for Your Baby.” Our organic crib mattress helps to prevent sickness and SIDS for infants and toddlers. We also carry pads and sheets. See our complete line for an “absolutely organic baby.”

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