Helpful Sermons and Articles on Prayer and How to Pray

“Though God perfectly knows all our wants and has determined beforehand what mercies to grant, yet he has also determined to make us sensible of our need of mercy and humbly to ask for it before he bestows it upon us.” Joel Baker [1]

What is the nature of prayer? How should you pray? How often should you pray? When? Where? Is there a special form or order to be observed when offering your prayer? Indeed, there are many such questions about prayer. We have posted a number of articles and sermons here to help answer some of these questions. You will note, however, that some of them seem to take opposite approaches and give opposite advice about how to pray. That should not limit their usefulness. I doubt that any of these authors would claim to offer the final, definitive word on prayer. No description of prayer is fully comprehensive and complete. Prayer is broader, more versatile, and more variable than any of these studies might suggest. There are different aspects to prayer and different types of prayer. Moreover, we all have different personalities, and some types of prayer patterns are better suited to certain types of personalities. Spurgeon in his sermon, “Ejaculatory Prayer,” points this out. Therefore, it is hoped that as you read through these studies on prayer, you will find some helpful suggestions and encouragement for your own prayer life.