Theodor Zahn


Introduction to the New Testament

Lutheran New Testament Scholar (German)

Why Read This Paper




Did you ever think it would be fascinating to follow the Apostle Paul on his missionary journeys? Have you ever wondered how all the books in the New Testament came to be written? If so, then our paper on the New Testament is for you. It gives you the background on all the New Testament books and shows you how the gospel spread from Jerusalem to the “uttermost part of the world” (Acts 1:8).

This condensation was prepared by Carol Morgan with footnotes supplied by Ken Morgan. The main text gives a narrative summary of Paul’s journeys together with the “where, when, and why” each book of the New Testament was written. This material is primarily taken directly from the three-volume Introduction to the New Testament by Theodor Zahn (1909 English edition). The footnotes deal with various technical issues and points where modern conservative scholars might differ from Zahn.

Zahn Part 1

Covers the period from A.D. 35 to A.D. 52. James writes his letter.

Zahn Part 2

Covers the period from A.D. 53 to A.D. 57. Paul writes Galatians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and 1 and 2 Corinthians.

Zahn Part 3

Covers the period from A.D. 58 to A.D. 62. Paul writes Romans, Colossians, Philemon, and Ephesians.

Zahn Part 4

Covers the period from A.D. 60 to A.D. 66. Peter writes his two letters, Matthew writes his gospel, Mark writes his gospel, and Paul writes Philippians, 1 Timothy, and Titus.

Zahn Part 5

Covers the period from A.D. 66 to A.D. 100. Paul writes 2 Timothy, Jude writes his letter, Luke writes his gospel, the letter to the Hebrews is written, and John writes his gospel, his three letters, and the book of Revelation.