Biblical/Theological Studies

  • Introduction to Ecclesiastes

    Kenneth J. Morgan Israel’s Wisdom Literature Along with Proverbs, Job, and some of the Psalms, Ecclesiastes is part of the wisdom literature of the OT; several extrabiblical examples of Israel’s wisdom literature have also survived. Wisdom literature deals with the right application of religious laws and basic principles to the practical issues of life: the…

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  • Ecclesiastes

    The Words of Qoheleth (1:1) Enjoyment of Life: The Gift of God Ecclesiastes is a much-neglected book in the Old Testament. Probably much of this neglect is the result of an incorrect interpretation of the book. One example of this is found in the original Scofield Reference Bible: “Ecclesiastes is the book of man ‘under the…

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  • The Interpretation of Ecclesiastes

    J. Stafford Wright The Book of Ecclesiastes might be called the black sheep of the Bible. In older days the Rabbinic schools of Hillel and Shammai disputed whether or not this Book “defiled the hands,” that is, whether it was a canonical Book that conveyed holiness when it was handled. Today the examiner asks, “On…

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